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The Art of Pricing for Profit: Knowing, Declaring, and Claiming the Value of Your Work

This is the one-two punch you need for pricing with power.

How do you price creative work so that it’s personally, commercially, and financially sustainable?

How do you price creative work so that you’re able to create more and grow your business with integrity?

How do you price creative work to demonstrate value to your customer and raise the standard for creative products?

Pricing isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be hard. There are strategies and philosophies that drive smart pricing.

Before you can price for profit, you’ve got to learn the Art of Earning.

Drop the starving artist routine. Embrace the thriving artist routine.

Making money should be beautiful. Making money should be liberating, fortifying, and joyous. Making money isn’t what defines you but it shouldn’t be bewildering either.

Your ability to create a sustainable business as an passion-driven entrepreneur (yes, I mean you) is directly related to our (yes, I mean us) ability to rebuild an economy based on honesty & merit instead of greed & corruption.

Your relationship with money is not defined by how much you had as a kid or how much your spouse earns. It’s not determined by what you learned – or didn’t – in college. Your ability to earn a good living or create a thriving business isn’t just about what’s in demand but about all the greatness you have to offer.

Especially that.

The Art of Earning, by business coach Tara Gentile, is a 79 page pdf that will guide you through recreating your own money story.

The Art of Earning guides you through Tara’s story & philosophy on earning. It details how she turned a minimum wage mindset into a 6-figure business in less than 3 years.

Tara and The Art of Earning have been featured on US News & World Report, The Daily Worth, and Etsy.

Once you’re in the art of earning flow, it’s time to price for profit.

You’re no detective. And pricing isn’t a mystery.

Do you struggle with pricing your products? Are you confused about how much to pay yourself per hour and how much profit you should be making? Have you ever wondered what the difference between your wholesale price and your retail price should be? Are you worried that if you charge what really like to be making, no one will buy your products?

Of course. That’s why you’re still reading.

The Pricing for Profit Digital Workshop is a self-study course that walks you through the process of pricing your products, giving you a better understanding of the value your products provide.

The digital workshop, by design & craft business guru Megan Auman, consists of 4 parts:

  • Video tutorials that walk you through the basics of pricing your products.
  • A PDF transcript of the videos.
  • Eight worksheets to guide you through pricing your products.
  • And, a password protected page where you can view and submit frequently asked questions about pricing your products.

Megan has created two 15 minute videos to walk you through her pricing philosophy. The first video looks at her basic pricing formula, and walks you through the steps to use that formula to price your products. In the second video, she focuses on market and value based pricing – how to set prices based on the value your product provides to the customer.

The core of the Pricing for Profit Digital Workshop are the pricing worksheets. These are worksheets you can use to price new products, existing products, and anything else you want to price! You can print them out again and again to ensure that you’re pricing each new product to make a profit.

After working through the Pricing for Profit Digital Workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Calculate the true costs of your products so you can set a price that’s profitable!
  • Feel confident in the amount of profit you should add to each product.
  • Know how your pricing fits in with existing products on the market.
  • Articulate the value of your products so you can charge the best price.
  • And so much more!

The Pricing for Profit Digital Workshop is your guide to pricing with ease and confidence.

Megan teaches fine craft and art business at Townson University and the Maryland Insitute College of Art. She’s been featured in Design*Sponge, the Daily Worth, and Etsy.

The Art of Earning + Pricing for Profit bundle is a special, limited time offer. If bought separately, these business-changing guides retail for a combined price of $54.

Today, the bundle is $40.

Ready to price with confidence?

Click the buy now button below, checkout with PayPal, and have both guides delivered automatically to you via email.

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Praise for The Art of Earning

Money is never just…money. It’s power, influence, ability, access, freedom, self-care, a portal to philanthropy…and so much more. With The Art of Earning, Tara Gentile masterfully shifts you towards a new money ‘tude, one that celebrates cash as a tangible expression of VALUE. Your value. Here, on earth. Prepare to raise the stakes, your rates, and your spirits.

- Alexandra Franzen | AlexandraFranzen.com | UnicornsForSocialism.com

“You, artist, are a hot commodity.” In addictively readable prose that quivers and snaps with something like poetry, Tara Gentile calls out the overworked and underearning in the creative digital business realm. Enough, she says. If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t had your money breakthrough yet, or if you’re stuck in the ‘middle’ of your industry with no clue how to rise and terrified to fall, Tara’s here to set you straight. You’ll see yourself on just about every page . . . but not for long.

- Abby Kerr | abbykerrink.com | expert on Ruling Your Realm

Praise for Pricing for Profit

Megan Auman hits it out of the ballpark with this mini-workshop!  All of us STRUGGLE with pricing because everything seems either too high or too low but nothing feels right.  Or, our ‘right’ price makes us feel like only millionaires could buy our gorgeous stuff.  Megan helps you adjust your thinking by showing you why profit is NECESSARY, why formulas are only a starting point for your prices, and why you CAN sell your product at the price you want.

- Megan Eckman | Studio MME | contributor for CreateHype.com

I had a long time customer stop by the studio this week to purchase a gift. She told me her brother told her my work must be more popular because my prices have increased. I smiled, but in truth I finally sat down and worked through the Pricing for Profit worksheets! When I first increased my prices in July I was nervous my work wouldn’t sell, but I did better than ever at an art fair I do every July. Now I am confident about my prices, the value and quality of my work, and have peace of mind knowing with every sale I’m making a profit.

-Heidi Fahrenbacher | Bella Joy Pottery

Today, the bundle is $40.

Ready to price with confidence?

Click the buy now button below, checkout with PayPal, and have both guides delivered automatically to you via email.

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